Powder Hut Rentals

To make the most of your powder skiing/snowboarding experience, we highly recommend that you visit our Rental Shop, 'The Powder Hut' prior to your heli ski day. Powder skis and powder specific snowboards are available for rent until 7:30pm the evening prior to your ski date at a cost of $50 per person. Our qualified technicians will assist you in selecting the right equipment for your ability and the current snow conditions.


You’ve come this far, why not go all the way? Booking your heli trip means you are ready to experience a whole new world of skiing; now you need to make sure your equipment is up to the task as well.

Deep snow, open bowls and spacious trees await you in the Whistler Heli Skiing tenure and we want to make sure you are on the right equipment so you can enjoy them to the fullest. 

What is a powder ski/board?

Powder skiing/boarding requires a special style of gear that is much different than what you would normally use in a resort setting. Modern powder equipment has a unique design to keep you floating close to the surface of the snow, making it less tiring and more enjoyable. They also provides stability, which will keep your confidence high.

For skis, they are shorter and fatter than a traditional ski and have a shape profile known as powder rocker, which makes for a fun ride. For a snowboard, the bottom of the board is convex, allowing you to surf the powder like in your dreams. These features combine to give you a piece of equipment that will optimize your runs with Whistler Heli Skiing.

When booking your package, make sure you get the right equipment to go with it. 

Why The Powder Hut?

The Powder Hut is the only dedicated Heli-Skiing/Boarding rental shop in the Whistler Village. Having an exclusive Whistler Heli-Skiing clientele means that we can cater our gear specifically to the terrain and snow conditions of our tenure. Our technicians know the terrain we fly and are knowledgeable in what piece of equipment is suitable for a certain skier, on a certain type of day. We will cater your equipment selection to the package you choose, your physical characteristics and your experience level. For our snowboard guests, we are one of two places in the village that rent powder-specific boards.

The Powder Hut is located right where the bus picks you up on the morning of your adventure; just grab your new equipment and you’re off. The Powder Hut is here to serve the guests of Whistler Heli-Skiing and make sure you have the best experience possible.                        


Rossignol Super 7 HD
Volkl Bash
Volkl Bash Wmns
Salomon Stella 106
Salomon QST 118
Blizzard Sheeva 11
Blizzard Rustler 11
Atomic Backland BC Mini (JR)
Line Francis Bacon Shorty (JR)


Burton Landlor
Burton Barracuda
Burton Fish
Burton Modified Fish
Burton Day Trader
Burton High Spirits
Burton Panhandler
Burton Dumptruck
Lib Tech Skunk Ape