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Ability Rating Guide





The following questionnaire assists us in grouping skiers by intermediate, advanced, or expert ability. Our professional guides select terrain most suitable for each group's ability.

Interactive Questionaire

Select which answer best describes your ability and experience.
Click calculate at the bottom to find out your rating.


  • Jumping is not necessary in any Whistler Heliskiing package.
  • Snowboarders should be able to function in deep powder.

Q1. The following best describes my feeling about "blue runs"

I can do parallel turns down blue runs, but approach the steeper pitches with some reservation

I ski/board them with little trouble, doing parallel turns down the fall line

I routinely ski/board them

I have been skiing/boarding for years and get a lot of days in per season. The blue runs are easy

No problem on any blue run

Q2. The following phrase describes my experience with "black runs"

I never attempt to ski/board them

I occasionally ski/board them

I enjoy the challenge of black runs when conditions are right

I routinely ski/board them

No problem with any black runs

Q3. The following phrase describes my experience with "double black runs"

I've never been down one

I can get down sometimes but not with a lot of style

I occasionally ski a double-black run when conditions are right

I often ski/board them

No problem with any double-black runs

Q4. The following describes my experience with off-piste powder

I do not have experience

I have some experience with different snow conditions and powder

I have tried the bowls on powder days with reasonable success

I enjoy powder and seek it out whenever possible

I have lots of powder experience and ski it quickly, rarely falling



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