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Interactive Guide

The following questionnaire assists us in grouping skiers by intermediate, advanced, or expert ability.

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(I) Intermediate

  • Blue Runs: Ski/board them with little trouble doing parallel turns down the fall line.
  • Black Runs: Occasionally ski/board them.
  • Double Black Runs: Not comfortable on double blacks.
  • Off Piste/Powder: Have limited experience with different snow conditions and powder.
  • Pace of the Day: Short pitches of skiing with lots of stops for rest, skiing tips and pictures.
  • Terrain: Intermediate terrain.

(A) Advanced

  • Blue Runs: Have been skiing/boarding for years and get many days in during the season. Blues are easy.
  • Black Runs: Routinely ski/board them.
  • Double Black Runs: Might try them if conditions are right.
  • Off Piste/Powder: Enjoy powder and seek it out whenever possible.
  • Pace of the Day: Similar to the expert, with longer pitches of skiing and less stopping, but at a more relaxed pace.
  • Terrain: A combination of intermediate and expert terrain.

(E) Expert

  • Blue Runs: No problem on any blue run.
  • Black Runs: No problem with any black runs.
  • Double Black Runs: No problem with any double-black runs.
  • Off Piste/Powder: Lots of powder experience and like to ski it quickly, rarely falling.
  • Pace of the Day: Longer pitches of skiing and less stopping.
  • Terrain: Steeper lines and terrain provided avalanche hazard is appropriate.

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